Roadways & Drainage

In addition to construction of new roadways and reconstruction of existing infrastructure, the department provides a wide range of roadway and storm drainage maintenance services, ranging from street sweeping to catch basin cleaning and roadway asphalt overlays. All engineering and construction activities in this area of operations are contracted to the private sector, as are many of the maintenance activities. The department maintains over 49 kilometres of roads and lanes as well as 22 kilometres of storm sewers and three storm water management ponds (dry ponds).

Roadways Policies

Street Sweeping Policy (4301)
Levels of service

Private Driveways Policy (4303)
Responsibility for construction and maintenance

New Roadway Construction Policy (4350)
Establishes responsibility and methods for construction and cost of construction for new roadways and lanes.

Lane Paving Policy (4351)
Procedure /petitions for lane paving

Winter Snow Removal

Learn more about the level of service provided and your responsibilities for snow removal from the Snow Removal Brochure.

ATV Snow Removal Permit

Residents can apply for a permit to operate ATVs within Town limits for the purpose of assisting residents with snow removal on sidewalks or driveways. Permits are issued to residents who are helping neighbours or those who need assistance with snow removal. This is a not for profit permit; if you have a snow removal business that charges, you will need to apply for a business license and permit.

The ATV Snow Removal Permit is available here.

Snow Buster Program

The Snow Angel Program is intended to assist people in need with clearing their side walks. Snow Angels encourages Devon residents to be good neighbours and help seniors and other neighbours in need with snow removal.

Snow Removal and Sanding Routes

Daily Sanding and Plowing - In general, snow is plowed to the sides or middle of a roadway on a daily basis. Sanding and plowing routes generally follow the red and green areas, as shown on the below map. Other areas may be included such as areas that have steep grades or deep snow banks from blowing snow.

Snow Removal Cycles - Snow windrows that have built up on the sides or middle of a roadway after multiple snow falls and plowing cycles are removed once they start to impede on parking or driving lanes. When this happens large “SNOW REMOVAL THIS NEIGHBOURHOOD” signs are placed out in advance of snow removal operations, and residents are asked to move their vehicles off the street. Vehicles left on the street during snow removal operations are subject to fines and towing. The priorities for snow removal follow the same priorities shown on the map, with red being done, followed by green, then white as necessary. For map, follow this link: Roadway Sanding and Snow Removal Map


Roadway Sanding and Snow Clearing Policy (4305)
Levels of service and priorities

Public Sidewalks and Walkway Snow Policy (4306)
Responsibility for clearing public sidewalks and walkways


Have questions about the service provided? Contact us at 780-987-8327

Want to report a roadway problem? Contact us at 780-987-3342


The department maintains a 24-hour emergency response system for roadways and utilities (water, drainage, sanitary sewer, natural gas), call: 780-987-3342 and a service operator will respond to your call.

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