Building and Development

While the Land Use Districts determine which type of development is permitted and/or discretionary within a land parcel, prior to commencement of any development and/or construction, additional information such as site conditions and context is required to determine the level of impact on the community.

Application Process

If you are planning to develop land or undertake building improvements and/or renovations, here is what you need to know:

  • You must fill out the Development and Building Permit Application and submit it to the Town of Devon.

  • The Development Authority will notify the applicant whether the application has been deemed complete, within 20 days after the receipt of the permit application, if in the opinion of the Development Authority all the necessary documents have been submitted.

  • Where the proposed use is discretionary, the application will be circulated for review and comments prior to issuance of the permit.

  • Decisions on permitted use applications will be made within 7 working days from the acceptance of the application.

  • Decisions on discretionary use applications will be made within 25 working days from the acceptance of the application.

Application Fees

Development Permits

Single Family & Semi-detached - $75
Multi-unit residential (more than 2 units) - $150
Commercial - $150
Industrial - $150
Public Service - $150
All Others - $45

Building Permit Fee

$6/$1,000 Construction value or minimum $60.00

Safety Code Council Fee

4% of Building Permit fee or minimum of $4.50


For more information about building and development permits, please contact:

Marilyn McMartin, Planning & Development Officer
P: 780-987-8327

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